Aquanaut’s Holiday’s creator received the baton from his deceased friend [Game Designers in their ‘early’ days]

【Summary of the episode】

 In “Passion of Game Designers ~ in their ‘early’ days,” Keiichi Tanaka interviews about the passionate, young, and overreaching past of game designers, who struggled during the game industry’s “adolescence,” in the 1980s and 1990s.


For the second episode, we welcome a new guest, Kazutoshi Iida, creator of “Aquanaut’s Holiday.” What kind of idea produced this early PS masterpiece? And, what Mr. Iida thought in the face of the death of comrade, Kenji Eno —.(by editorial department)


Keiichi Tanaka
May 4, 1962 Born in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Kinki University School of Law. During college in 1983, entered Koike Kazuo’s Gekikason Juku (Kobe school) as a student of the inaugural class. In the following year of 1984, debuted as a cartoonist with “Mr. Coward” (published in “Comic Gekikason Juku”). Gained popularity with “Doctor Chichibuyama,” which began in 1986, and later made into an anime. (a series in “Comic Gekikason Juku” and later a different publication). After graduating from university, employed at a toy company. In the “Weekly Shonen Sunday” held the irregular series, “A Bug’s Life: Adventures of P-suke” (1889~1991). Created fanzine magazines centered around parody. Latest publications include the first volume of “Utsunuke” released January 2017 (KADOKAWA) and “Keiichi Tanaka’s ‘Pen and Chopsticks'”(Shogakkan).


【Why not roam the sea in Kazutoshi Iida’s “Aquanaut’s Holiday” this summer?】

(Image is from PlayStation official website

No clear purpose or game over. Ride aboard the submarine “Holiday.” and roam the ocean freely — a game that invites you to explore the floor of the ocean, “Aquanaut’s Holiday” introduced in this manga, is a work that can be considered as the origin of “Kazutoshi Iida-ism.” Currently available in PlayStation Store “Game Archives.” So if you’re interested, why not take the opportunity to download and try it out?

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