Keiichi Tanaka explores the history behind Nintendo’s now-legendary “EarthBound”—a tapestry woven from the words of Shigesato Itoi and the ingenuity of Satoru Iwata.

【Episode 5 summary】


In this column, author Keiichi Tanaka talks with game creators of the 80s and 90s whose excitement and occasional excess helped shape the industry in its adolescence.

Episode 5 focuses on Shigesato Itoi, creator of one of the Famicom’s finest RPGs: “EarthBound“. Currently, Itoi produces a variety of media through his website, Hobonichi,

but back in the late 80s, he was just an up-and-coming copywriter. What drew him to the industry, and what kind of life did he lead once he took the plunge?

Read about all this and more in Episode 5—and no crying until the end!(by editorial department)


Keiichi Tanaka
May 4, 1962 Born in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture. Graduated from Kinki University School of Law. During college in 1983, entered Koike Kazuo’s Gekikason Juku (Kobe school) as a student of the inaugural class. In the following year of 1984, debuted as a cartoonist with “Mr. Coward” (published in “Comic Gekikason Juku”). Gained popularity with “Doctor Chichibuyama,” which began in 1986, and later made into an anime. (a series in “Comic Gekikason Juku” and later a different publication). After graduating from university, employed at a toy company. In the “Weekly Shonen Sunday” held the irregular series, “A Bug’s Life: Adventures of P-suke” (1889~1991). Created fanzine magazines centered around parody. Latest publications include the first volume of “Utsunuke” released January 2017 (KADOKAWA) and “Keiichi Tanaka’s ‘Pen and Chopsticks'”(Shogakkan).

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